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MPA has teamed up with The Silencer Shop to not only bring you top-of-the-line suppressors, but also a simplified process to create a hassle-free experience.
Buying a Silencer?

New to the silencer world? Not a problem. We know the process can sound intimidating, but luckily we’re here to help! Thanks to the S.I.D. Kiosk from The Silencer Shop, buying a silencer for your weapon has never been easier. Come in today to chat with our staff about what silencer is right for you.


The process of purchasing a silencer has never been easier.

    1. Select a Silencer
    2.  Registration
      • Once you have picked the silencer that’s right for you, it’s time to move through the steps on the Kiosk. Grab your Serial Number and Registration code and head on down to the nearest Kiosk. If you have it shipped to us, we’ll notify you once we receive it so we can continue the process. 
    3. The Silencer Shop Kiosk.
      • Head on down to our shop to begin the convenient and easy process. Instead of filling out forms, you get to fill everything out in one easy-to-use Kiosk.
      • After you have completed the application process, a confirmation will be sent through text or email. The Silencer Shop keeps you updated the entire way of the process, and provides fast and easy information regarding your purchase.
      • Confirm, Submit, and Pay.


The Silencer Shop allows you to get all your NFA paperwork, fingerprints, and photos submitted in the most convenient and accurate way possible.

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    Developed by A-1 Tech Solutions© 2024. All rights reserved.