Top 5 Recreational Activities Near and In Wenatchee, Washington

Mill Pond Arms is located in Malaga Washington, a small community located a few miles south of Wenatchee Washington. Wenatchee is a unique town with a plethora of recreational activities that are fun for the whole family. The Columbia River runs right through the middle of it, creating a beautiful valley with a mountainous region to the West, and farmland to the East. This unique combination allows for an experience like no other. Enjoy the rolling hills of Washington’s central valleys or the mountainous and gorgeous Cascade mountain range. Wenatchee is located in the perfect spot to enjoy all of nature’s goodness. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Recreational activities to do in and near Wenatchee. 

1. Hiking

Wenatchee is located in one of the best places for hiking. To the East, you have dry and rolling hills, wonderful dry falls and plateaus overlooking the valleys below, and to the West, you have the cascade mountains. Home to some of the best hikes such as Colchuk Lake, The Enchantments, Burch Lake, Lake Wenatchee, and much more. These hikes traverse some of the most beautiful and incredible landscapes in the Pacific Northwest.  Most of the hikes surrounding the area are home to some of the most beautiful and amazing views in the State. There’s no wonder why people from all over the nation come by just to take a peek at some of these gorgeous works of mother nature.

2. Fishing

Fishing is one of the top recreational activities near Wenatchee and it’s no wonder why. With the Columbia River flowing right through the middle of Both East Wenatchee and Wenatchee, and with the plethora of lakes surrounding the area, it’s a fisherman’s dream. From the Bank or from a Boat the options are endless. Wenatchee is home to some of the best Salmon Fishing in the area. The Columbia River is home to Chinook, Coho, Chum, Pink, Sockeye, and Steelhead. As well as salmon, the Columbia River is host to some of the largest Sturgeon caught on record. The river is not the only fishing spot available. There are over 100 lakes in the nearby region, hosting everything from catfish to trout to tiger musky and bass. It’s no wonder people from around the nation come to Wenatchee to get their hands on one of these beautiful fish.

3. Off Roading

Off-Roading is a fun and exciting activity that’s become a lot more popular over the last few years. With the number of trails around the valley, it’s clear why so many people come to Wenatchee to enjoy the roads. Wenatchee Heights and Mission Ridge have some of the best off-roading trails around. Many of these trails offer a chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat, and also offer an easy to intermediate difficulty. Allowing you to both enjoy the trail and not worry about any unforeseen events or broken trails. The trails around Wenatchee are well maintained and allow for ATVs and all other vehicles to drive through and enjoy nature’s scenery.

4. Hunting

Central Washington is home to some of the best hunting in the state. With Plains and Mountain Regions surrounding Wenatchee, it’s become a hot spot for hunters all around to come and see what they have to offer. Everything from Waterfowl to Elk to White-tailed Deer and of course Bears and Mountain Lions (Cougars). There are also tons of small game locations around and are teeming with wildlife. Hunting in this area is open seasonally and does require licensure. Please visit WDFW for more information regarding licensing and season openings. 

5. Shooting

Ranges in Wenatchee offer some of the best shooting in the region. With tons of ranges, as well as private and public shooting areas, it’s no wonder Recreational shooting is the top activity in town. Northcentral Washington Gun Club, Wenatchee Gun Club, and Wenatchee Rifle & Revolver Club are some of the top clubs in town and offer a plethora of activities and events to hone your skills and firearms training. Some of the best locations for shooting however are located on public or private land and offer some of the most unique shooting experiences around. Who knows you might get lucky and find a landowner that will allow you to use their private range. The spots are endless, unlike the ammo you’re shooting.

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